Mayor David Wallace


Mr. Wallace serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DGW Consultants, LLC, a private independent consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. Since February of 2015, Mr. Wallace has assisted a number of investors, companies and members of senior management with industries ranging from early stage, technology-related companies, to real estate development to accelerators & incubators with a focus on high-growth, international start-up companies. Mr. Wallace has a professional background of nearly 40-years in the acquisition and/or formation of over 100 companies and/or partnerships, and in connection with these companies, has secured billions of dollars in equity and debt from countless public and private sector funding sources. As a result of the numerous portfolio holdings, he has served on the boards for several private and public companies.

Mr. Wallace considers charitable works of great importance, as reflected by his extensive efforts in both the Dallas and Houston communities. Mr. Wallace served three terms as Mayor of the City of Sugar Land, Texas, where he previously served on city council representing the Single Member District Number 4. In such capacity, Mr. Wallace played a leadership role at the United States Conference of Mayors where he served on the Executive Committee and as Co-Chairman of the National Homeland Security Task Force and the Urban Water Council. Mr. Wallace served on the U. S. Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council-State and Local Officials Senior Advisory Committee and on the Board of Directors as Vice President of the TexasOne Economic Development Corporation as well as a board member for the Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company, which managed over $4 billion in assets. Mr. Wallace also served on the Advisory Board of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.