Lutfi Hassan

Hon. Lutfi Hassan has been a resident of Houston, Texas for the past 44 years and currently serves as the Consul General of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana to the Southwest United States of America.

Mr. Hassan has been serving on the advisory board for several multinational companies in North & South America and Asia.

Mr. Hassan is the founder of the Apex Group of Companies and brings with him a wealth of knowledge in international relations through his experience in consulting in both in the United States and abroad.

Mr. Hassan has served as an advisor on Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senatorial, Congressional, Mayoral and Judicial campaigns in the United States over the past twenty years and has served as a national finance co-chair for the Obama for America campaign in both 2008 and 2012. Over the years, Mr. Hassan has also served on the National Advisory Board (NAB) as a member of Democratic National Committee.

Mr. Hassan has been a pioneer in representing the South Asian community and was selected to serve on the South Asian American Leadership Council (SAALC) based out of Washington, D.C. He is an established civic leader representing the South Asian community in mainstream American politics and as such, has dealt with issues and concerns of the community at the highest level within the U.S. Government.

On Jan 9th, 2003, a US flag was flown over the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. by the order of House Of Representatives (United States Congress) to honor Lutfi Hassan for his decades of his community service. It was later presented to him in a ceremony with the certificate of archives.

Most recently, Mr. Hassan served on the board of advisory for South Asians for Biden, which mobilized a nationwide get out the vote (GOTV) effort among the greater South Asian community.

Additionally, in 2018, he was appointed to serve as a senior advisor to the Chairman, Dr. Guru Reddy, on the US & Malaysian Sovereign Fund owned by the Continental Hospital Group located in Hyderabad, India.

In 2019, Mr. Hassan was appointed to and is currently serving on the Board of Advisory for the Global Eternal Gandhi Museum, a non-profit organization seeking to create, through the life and work of Gandhi, a thriving, vibrant educational organization aimed at changing the world through its visitors while creating a sustainable and successful new resource for the Greater Houston area.

Among his historic and noteworthy appointments served with dignity and honor are:

    • In 20017, Mr. Hassan acquired Swiftships Shipbuilders, founded in 1947 and based out of Morgan City, Louisiana, to implement a turnaround of the company and took revenues from $13M to over $300M in 2013 and various contracts with the US Govt.
    • Presidential appointment to the board of Central-Asian American Enterprise Fund (USAID) by President Bill Clinton in the year 2000-2004.
    • Mr. Hassan was elected as a national delegate from Texas to the Democratic Convention in the year 2000.
    • Previously served as the board of City Of Houston’s GHCVB (Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau). This entity is responsible for the incoming Trade Missions, Protocols at the airports, all Conventions & the City Of Houston Image.
    • Previously served on the Advisory Board on (TSA) Transportation & Safety Administration (Homeland Security founded as an aftermath of 911) task force formed by the Hon. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.
    • Served as Chairman of Mayor’s Advisory Board for International Affairs & Development (MABIAD) from 1999-2003.
    • Appointed to serve on the 23 members Transition Team by Mayor Elect Lee P. Brown in 1998.
    • The first ever South Asian to serve on the prestigious board of the Urban League (oldest civil rights organization) in 1999-2000.
    • Served on the board of the Memphis Tennessee based Gandhi Institute for Non Violence founded by Arun Gandhi, the Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi in 1999-2002.
    • Founding charter member of TiE Houston (The IndUS Entrepreneurs) 2001-2003.
    • Founder of the Housed based South Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC), currently in its 27th year of existence.
    • Mr. Hassan was also a founder and former Chairman of the S. Asian American Political Action Committee (SAAPAC) of Texas 2000-2002.

Over the last three decades, Mr. Hassan has played an integral role in assisting the South Asian community in accomplishing significant milestones on both local and national levels and continues to serve as a leader of his community.

Mr. Hassan has extensively traveled with world leaders on various mission trips designed to promote U.S. trade and commerce including South and Western Africa, China, Japan, Taiwan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & the United Arab Emirates.

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