Michael Gibson Report: Council Meeting at City of Ingleside

For immediate release: Mar 8, 2010


Ingleside Mayor Stella Herrmann says it would be common courtesy for the Port Commission to include the City on the plans to re-develop the naval station there. The Port takes control of the place on May 1st, but still doesn’t have a plan on what to do with it. Texas A&M was hired to try and develop the facility but so far there’s been no development plan revealed to the public. But, a defense contractor out of Houston, Apex wants the site to build swift ships. It has hundreds of milliions of dollars in government contracts to build the ships. Then, it was announced that the company just received a 100-million dollar government contract to build floatable boats. Just the kind of work Port Commissioner Ken Berry would like to see taking place at the naval station. He thinks the Port needs to continue negotiating with Apex in the hopes that they’ll setup shop in Ingleside. On Tuesday, Ingleside City leaders will attend the Port Commission meeting to see if there is some way they can be in on the discussions.

Michael Gibson
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