Apex-Sunbelt Medical Group

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Apex-Sunbelt Medical Group (ASMG) is headquartered in Houston, Texasand was founded in April 1989 afteryears of development and planning and then acquired by the Apex Group in 2010. ASMG is a privately held, independent sales andservice organization delivering a full range of medical/electronicequipment-related services to both domestic and international clientele.

ASMG purchases working medical equipment from all domestic sourcesand refurbishes it in its 40,000 sq ft facility in Houston, Texas.Equipment deinstallation and installation at customer site,transportation, pre-staging, refurbishing, warranty, training, andafter sale service are just some of the services available to aprospective client. ASMG maintains a large inventory of pre-ownedequipment, parts, and test and repair equipment. In addition, it alsohas a library of operator and service manuals for numerous machines forboth technical staff and client benefits. Warranty, training, andutilization of local independent technical personnel only enhance theclient’s trust and provide peace of mind.

ASMG can providemedical equipment such as MRI, Cat scans, X-ray, and ultrasoundmachines, to name a few. Furthermore, it also maintains a wideinventory of surgical and lab instruments, therapy and rehabilitationequipment, and nuclear medicine equipment. ASMG is able to meet allneeds of a hospital, clinic, imaging center, or even a physician’soffice on a turn key basis.

ASMG believes that pre-ownedequipment is not inherently unreliable. Afterall, every hospital iscurrently operating a full complement of used diagnostic andtherapeutic equipment, even if it was installed only last week. Infact, pre-owned medical equipment is truly performance-testedequipment. Some hospitals need the most sophisticated, cutting-edgetechnology; however, there are numerous hospitals, due to lower patientloads or budget constraints, that are unable to afford such expensivetechnology and would rather acquire high-quality and more affordablethat is just as effective in treating patients. Refurbished equipmentfills the need for “cost conscious” institutions offering savings from50% to as much as 80% of new equipment. Nevertheless, in the eventthat a company prefers new equipment over used or refurbished, ASMGmaintains the capacity to specify and acquire brand new,state-of-the-art medical equipment. ASMG is able to meet thedemands of any client and, in addition, offer any service and warrantyneeds along with any piece of equipment sold.

Hospitals,clinics, and doctors trying to “test the water” in a new modality orservice can also acquire refurbished equipment on a lease or rentalbasis to establish demand for such service prior to an expensivepurchase. ASMG will also address the “upgrade dilemma” of itscustomers, which is similar to computers that become obsolete due tonew technological or security advances. The company will continuallyupgrade, when possible, its client’s equipment. In the event that anupgrade is not feasible, ASMG can purchase back its old equipmentand supply them with a newer upgraded model.

ASMG, due to its unique, comprehensive approach to customer needs, has seen it’sreferral base has continue to grow without any direct sales effortsthus far. ASMG’s team is dedicated to providing medical technologyto men, women, and children of the world at all levels ofaffordability.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]