Apex Group’s Chairman, Lutfi Hassan, joins President Obama’s CEO Roundtable

For immediate release: Dec 6, 2014

WASHINGTON— December 5th, 2014 – Lutfi Hassan, the Chairman of Houston-basedApex Group of Companies, attended President Obama’s CEO Roundtable on December 4th.The Apex Group of Companies, a global consortium of companies that are leadersin providing business consulting, insurance and financial services,manufacturing, vendor management, equipment supply and logistics to therenewable energy, naval, and defense sector is celebrating its 20thyear in business.

Speaking to a gathering of top business leaders from the country’s largest corporations, President Barack Obama sketched out what he said are potential areas of bipartisan cooperation going into his final two years in office. Appearing at the quarterly meeting of the CEO Roundtable, the President identified tax policy, trade, infrastructure and immigration as potential areas for legislative progress with Republican lawmakers. President Obama told CEO’s, including Hassan, that he wants to see discussions on tax reform start “early” because he said it could take six to nine months to get a deal.

Hassan, who has attended these sessions with the President in the past, said it was an honor to be invited back and that he had an opportunity to discuss and follow up on issues regarding foreign trade as it relates to the Middle East Northern Africa (MENA) region. He also said he felt the President has done an excellent hob of listening to business leaders on how legislative issues can impact commerce both domestically and abroad.

The Apex Group of Companies has a global focus on government agencies and Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries including Defense, Safety & Security, Healthcare, Finance, Shipbuilding, Insurance, Energy, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, and Engineering & Construction services. With Global headquarters in Washington D.C. and regional district offices in Houston, Texas – the Apex Group is well represented in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and South & Central Americas.