Press Release: Swift Spill Separator to be Deployed by BP to Clean-up/Recover Oil

For immediate release: Jun 15, 2010

Swift Spill Separator, LLC a member of the Apex Group of Companies is poised to launch their spill clean up mission to help BP with the massive oil recovery in the Gulf of  Mexico with their patented and Government Lab tested technology.

Swift Spill Separator, LLC (formerly RST Environmental Services) now enjoys the support of a 60 year-old renowned shipbuilding company, Swiftships Shipbuilders, located in Morgan City, LA and their new facility in New Iberia, LA.

Swiftships’ predecessor company, Sewart Sea Craft, became famous for the Swift Boats that supported the Vietnam War with their Riverine Assault Crafts.

Swift Spill Separator (RST-EU) was tested with positive outcomes by the Coast Guard at the Ohmsett  Laboratory located in New Jersey.

Once BP deploys the Swift Units, it will make a tremendous positive impact in the way the clean up is being conducted. Swift will separate thousands of barrels of oil by each unit deployed. Swift Spill Separator, LLC claims to have the ability to deploy several units on short notice including the BIG KIDNEY mounted on a 40,000 barrels barge that would have the capacity of 10,000 barrels per hour of water intake. This deployment can directly sustain the oil being spewed every day if the weather conditions are normal.

Swiftships provided the combat crafts back when the country needed support, now Swift Spill Separators are ready to support the Coast Guard with this massive oil spill threatening the economy, national security and the environment.