Press Release: First Iraqi Swift Boat Goes To Sea

For immediate release: Mar 31, 2010
Swiftships proudly announces that the first Iraqi Swift Boat PB 301 made her first machinery runs today.  This new Swift Boat achieved an average speed of approximately 34+ Knots at 84% installed power.    PB 301 exceeded the contract speed requirement of 30 Knots on her first run.

Onboard was Swiftships’ team lead by Calvin Leleux (President of Swiftships).  All onboard agreed that this was an amazing first trial.  Lutfi Hassan, the CEO, stated that he is proud of the teamwork by the US Navy and Swiftships’ team that is responsible for this accomplishment today.  All of our personnel and sub-contractors should be proud of this significant milestone.  A New Swift Boat is born today!