Lutfi Hassan extols investment prospects in new oil rich S America’s Guyana

  • Lutfi Hassan with Joe Biden

Texas Democrat & Honorary CG of Guyana to Southern USA acknowledges Hyderabad’s global identity and commends Siasat’s contributions

For immediate release: July 12, 2023

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Hyderabad: Texas Democrat & Honorary CG of Guyana to Southern USA H.E. Lutfi Syed Hassan, a prominent figure in American politics, expressed his admiration for the unique identity and global recognition of Hyderabad in an exclusive interview with Siasat Daily. He lauded the city’s remarkable progress across various fields, highlighting that no other Indian city can rival Hyderabad in terms of advancement. Hassan commended the people of Hyderabad for their love, compassion, and humanity, which has contributed to the city’s flourishing reputation. He also recognized Siasat’s significant role in promoting Hyderabad’s achievements and working towards the progress and prosperity of the community.

Hailing from Hyderabad, HE. Lutfi Hassan is a key leader in President Biden’s Democratic Party. His influence and importance can be seen through his consistent involvement in the last three presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. Hassan’s efforts in mobilizing public opinion and raising funds for Hillary Clinton & other prominent elected officials across America have garnered appreciation at the highest level in the political system nationwide.

As the founder Chairman & CEO of the Apex Group of Companies, residing in Houston, Texas for over 40 years, he has been associated with the Democratic Party for more than three decades. After serving on several boards & commissions over the years Hassan now enjoys the new honorary position of Consul General of the South American country oil rich country of Guyana and serves as it’s Global Goodwill Ambassador.

Speaking about Guyana, Hassan emphasized its emergence as a major oil-producing country and predicted that it would surpass Arab nations such as Kuwait & Qatar in the GDP per Capita Income by 2027 with the production of 1.2 Barrels per day.

He highlighted the potential benefits for Hyderabad’s traders, industrialists, and professionals, stating that investing in Guyana could yield significant financial gains, potentially leading to citizenship within five years.

“If one is a visionary for their next generation to prosper, they will take a serious look at Guyana’s exponential growth and monetize on the opportunity to start a business & get their family members & employees a citizenship in five years of residency…no matter what visa you hold. All citizens will enjoy the benefits of soon to be one of the richest countries on this planet” said Hassan.

Hassan shared his involvement in ensuring Hyderabad’s inclusion in the visits of former US Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to India. Notably, during President Clinton’s visit in March 2000, Hassan utilized his close association as a hard core supporter to secure Hyderabad’s presence alongside Bangalore. He also played a crucial role in the Biden & Harris successful campaign. Hassan has consistently championed the cause of immigrants and served on the board of SAB (South Asians for Biden). He was one of the few South Asians invited to the small gathering due to Covid at the Presidential Inauguration of President Biden & VP. Kamala Harris at Capitol Hill. He maintains a close relationship with Vice President Kamala Harris due to his support through her candidacy for the presidency. Hassan served as a Presidential appointee on the Central Asian Americans Enterprise Fund (CAAEF). Additionally, his support for Barack Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012 solidified their close bond. He had the honor of traveling with President Clinton & President Obama as a part of his official delegation in year 2000 & 2014 respectively.

When asked about the possibility of an Indian-origin individual becoming the US President in the future, Hassan affirmed the potential and highlighted the stability and democratic values of the American system. He underscored the absence of nepotism, bias, and discrimination in American democracy, where human, moral, and political prowess are given precedence. Hassan further emphasized the United States’ recognition of India’s significance in South Asia, evident through the recent agreements signed during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, encompassing defence, space science, information technology, investment, artificial intelligence, and drones.

Expressing his joy upon learning about the welfare initiatives undertaken by Editor Siasat Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, HE. Lutfi Hassan commended the schemes run by Siasat Millat Fund, which support the underprivileged, victims of disasters, communal violence, lynching, martyr’s families, meritorious students, and the needy. He regarded Siasat’s work as exemplary, not only for Hyderabad and India but also for other countries. Additionally, he proposed the establishment of the Siasat Chamber of Commerce and Industry to facilitate networking & immediate mobilisation of a trade delegation that could be lead by the Chief Minister KCR or Transportation & IT minister KTR. Siasat can work with other entities TA rally support for this endeavour.